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People are mainly disturbed, not by things but by the view which they take of them.

Stoic Philosopher

REBT Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy

I chose to train in REBT which uses a straight forward ABCDE model, goes deep, and is highly effective. It is a humanistic and existential model of CBT, based on Stoic Philosphy. It teaches us how to respond to suffering and adversities in a healthy way.

REBT was conceived by Albert Ellis in response to the disappointing results he achieved with Freudian psychoanalysis... People tend to believe that they are ‘made to feel’ a certain way because of a person or event. We teach that YOU make YOURSELF feel. By teaching you to understand what you are telling yourself about a trigger situation we discover together the irrational demands that are driving the overwhelming emotions that cause problems in your life. We then give you the tools to change and integrate new thoughts and learn the compassionate self acceptance that gradually lead to healthier emotions and behaviour.

The sessions have really helped me develop the maturity of my thinking, as well as my self-esteem, and ability to be more assertive in life.