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CBT/REBT has offered me the tools to manage the sometimes challenging inner narrative, look at it from many angles and focus on the most constructive one for me.

What to expect

The therapy takes a structured form and is usually completed within 6 -10 sessions depending on the severity of the problem. Sessions are collaborative and we set goals at the start, dealing with one problem at a time. I take a case history during the initial consultation and answer any questions you may have about how CBT can work for you.

Important past events can help explain behaviors but the main thrust of REBT is about how we get from here to our goal - rather than how we got to here.

My approach is informal, with an engaged, positive and sometimes directional approach. I find humour helpful where appropriate.

REBT recommends an immersive approach and 'homework' will be given at each session because learning about and practising the concepts speeds up the process. The more you put in to your therapy the faster you will see improvements. Homework can take the form of reading, written thought records or exercises, and sometimes preparing for and practicing behavior changes. The homework is agreed between us and not 'set', and is reviewed and discussed each week, not marked.

Lucy has been a great teacher and mentor, she has been very committed and supportive and handled my situation with great care.